What to Wear

Please wear loose fitted clothing as many areas of the body may be utilized for point selection.


When you come in for the first visit, you will be asked to fill out some forms about your current and past medical history as well as any supplements and pharmaceuticals you may be currently taking. After reviewing your chart, we will discuss the current issue that brought you in for treatment as well as the condition of other health factors such as your sleep, appetite, digestion, etc.

This gives a well rounded picture of your current state of health. I will then ask to see your tongue, check your pulse and palpate your abdomen to further understand any underlying issues.


Once the intake is complete, we will begin treatment. Hair-thin needles will be placed in various spots on the body to help bring you closer to a state of balance. Most needles are not felt on insertion, however there can be a little pinch with the insertion of some. Sensations to be expected locally are warming, dull achy, radiating or nothing. Other modalities such as a heat lamp, cupping (suction technique), gua sha (scraping technique), or moxabustion (heat technique) may be used to facilitate the acupuncture treatment.

You will then be left to rest as the needles need to sit for 10-25 minutes. Many people end up taking a little nap at this point. At the end of the treatment, the needles will be removed.

After Treatment

Afterwards you may feel a little sleepy since we have put the body to work so it’s important to drink plenty of water the rest of the day. You should notice a reduction in symptoms within 24 hours that will last for a few days.

If symptoms begin to increase again, then you have gone too long between treatments as each treatment builds on the last. How you respond to your first treatment will help to better gauge the amount you may need.

Generally, two to three treatments will be needed in the first one to two weeks and as results last longer, more time can go between treatments.